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Our name says a lot, www.monayiti.com.  We are a brand based in the USA inspired by the simplicity, cleanness (most natural, purest state), and sophistication of food from Haiti. We incorporate a little of the struggle and complexity of the Haitian culture with our name, “mon” is French for my and “ayiti” is the creole version of “Haiti”.  We hope to bring people of different backgrounds to share and enjoy one of the most amazing cuisines in the world.

Clean and simple food has always been the hallmark of Haitian cuisine. Monayiti.com is committed to providing you with high quality, safe, clean and simple food. Very few people outside of Haiti will understand that natural food has been at the center of Haitian cuisine regardless of income. We do not compromise. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the best selection of clean and simple food.

Monayiti.com is set up to adapt to the changes of our modern society with a modern kitchen approach. When my grandmother had to cook for her family, she dedicated her entire morning and often early evening to the task. The herbs had to be picked, cut, and grinded. The beans had to be sorted, boiled for over 2 hours, puréed and sieved for about 30 minutes, then boiled again with the applicable spices for another hour. The chicken had to be killed, cut, seasoned, and prepared. Today, many of us only have 2 hours in the evening to greet our children, get them ready for the next day, “fix” dinner, and get them to bed. Between work schedules and activities, spending elaborate amount of time in the kitchen is no longer practical in the US, Canada, and other modern economies. While most ethnic groups have figured it out, there was still a gap in our Haitian community. Monayity.com is set up to ensure that our families continue to enjoy food that is clean, simple, and now convenient.

Our passion is food.  Food is not a side job for us. Food is our “raison d’être”. Food is meant to be enjoyed preferably with friends and family. By avoiding fillers we want to provide you and your family with a richer, bolder, more convenient food experience.

Our mission is to create extraordinary brands of food products. We seek to bring people together so they can connect with others, share, and enjoy the food they love.

We are proud to work with partners who believe in our mission.



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