Guaranteed No Stress MANGO SMOOTHIE Include easy recipe

Mango smoothie Regardless of the way the media portrays Haiti, my best childhood memories are from Haiti and involve simple events like competing to see who can eat more mangoes.  Mango was not just a fruit. For some, it was dinner or lunch, for others it was just a snack. More importantly, there was a ritual when eating mangoes starting with the selection of the variety, juicy, sweet, small, large, or a little bit of all. We had to sort them to ensure that they were sound; at least I did.  Others expected a chemical free fruit would come with some uninvited guests.  Finally, we washed them before enjoying them.  Very rarely would we eat mangoes alone.  Stories and jokes were told while eating mangoes.  The entire process was pure joy. Mangoes were one of the fruits that I missed the most when I moved to the US.  Mangoes grown in Haiti for export to the US have a different flavor because they require some extra sanitary steps. Mangoes deemed suitable for exports had to go through a deeper cleaning process to ensure that bugs will stay out of them. In Haiti, we ate mangoes as fruit or used them to make smoothies.  Since, mangoes are not available everywhere and are prone to spoilage, I have found that the best alternative is to use mango powder.  Simply add powder to milk, water, yogurt, or other liquid, blend well, and start to enjoy. Below is a very easy recipe for mango smoothie: ½ cup Monayiti mango powder 1 cup whole milk (or evaporated milk for richer flavor) ½ tsp vanilla We hope you enjoy this delicious treat. Try yours today! Order on
Mango smoothie in a glass Mason jar and mango on a green background. Mango shake. Tropical fruit concept.

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