Out of touch with customers #2 reason why Haitian businesses fail in the US

Out of touch with the needs of their customers.  I have heard it being repeated too many times, “Haitians do not support Haitian businesses”.  The truth is that one sole purpose in life is not to support businesses.  We do not wake up and get motivated each day to support businesses.  When a business is so out of touch with its customers, the easiest way to justify failure is to claim lack of support from the community.

Monayiti is a brand inspired from our sister brand Neliquick.com.  When Neliquick first started, it featured a quick and easy way to make Haitian bean purée, sos pwa. Traditionally, bean purée is made by boiling the dry beans which takes a minimum of 1 hour without a pressure cooker.  Then, the cooked beans are pulverized in a blender, sieved to make it smooth, then boiled again with spices for another 20 minutes.  Instead of the regular 1 to 3 hours, someone can make sos pwa in 20 minutes.  Neliquick sos pwa took care of all the time consuming steps to make sos pwa.  The beans are pre-cooked, dried, and turned into powder.  Consumers simply need to add water and spices and boil for 20 minutes. What Neliquick failed to realize was that the value proposition was not there. Many households in the Haitian community did not have an issue with spending 1 to 3 hours cooking beans because they have auntie or Grandma at home.  Other households simply stop making sos pwa once in the US.

Since then, we have learned the hard way to listen to our customers.  Products and services need to resonate with the customer.

Our mission at www.monayiti.com is to help people in the Haitian community to improve their lives. By doing so, we believe we can create a better community.

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