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Our Passion

We are passionate about bringing you food to share with others and to enjoy.

We want to share our passion with you. It is our mission to bring you the highest quality food and let you experience great flavor and taste.

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Discover or rediscover food that you use everyday with bolder taste and flavor.


Shella Rice

One of our goals is to build stronger communities for people of Haitian descent in the US and in Haiti. As such we do our best to incorporate at least 1 ingredient that can be sourced in Haiti into our products line. We are proud to offer Shella rice as one of the most sought after rice in Haiti and throughout the haitian community abroad. Enjoy this delicious rice with friends and family.

Calabaza Powder

Calabaza powder also called joumou, giraumont, Caribbean pumpkin, or even Caribbean squash is a very different type of pumpkin than the one used during Halloween. Calabaza has a very different texture and flavor. It is very well known in the Caribbean. Now, it is available in a convenient format without the use of any preservatives. This product was grown and partly processed in Haiti.


One day I added milk to my tea and it curded. When I pick a box of ginger tea, I want ginger in it. Period. Monayiti herbal tea are just what they say they are. No fillers, no cheap ingredients to cut corners.  You pay more because you get more.

We have also added our favorite sweetener made with maple sugar and fruits.



Ethically sourced organic chocolate

If chocolate were a car, it would be a Rolls Royce they say.  We are very proud to claim that so far we have been able to source some of our cocoa beans at the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Then, the chocolate is hand crafted by our favorite chocolatier into different recipes or offered as powder.

We have done all the prep work for you so you can truly enjoy living comfortably and spending time with your family. Ask about our frozen Haitian patties from Le Bon Pain Bakery.


We provide you with unique gifts for the special co-worker, friends, in-laws, and funds raiser.

Social Responsibility

At the heart of our company and brand, we remain very grateful of the opportunities we have not only to serve others by providing great quality food but also by the responsibility we have to help others. Someone once said: “I have never seen people (in Haiti) work so hard to get nowhere”. This statement made a lasting impact on us because many times it is just a matter of knowledge. By providing farmers and production facilities in Haiti with a bit of know how, we are able to support and maintain job creation.

Value deals

For people who seek value without compromising quality, we also offer certain bulk items that might not have the fanciest packaging but still have the same great products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You heard it.  We stand behind the quality of our products.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with one of our products, we ask for 1 chance to make it right or your money back.  

We are in business to satisfy your needs for high quality products free of artificial flavors.  If we have not lived up to your expectations, we have not tried hard enough.